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Festival of Sacred Art of Senlis

What could be more significant than art, and especially sacred art in its most universal acceptance, to bring together, to encourage the coming together of men?

Art, vector of cultures and ideas is an essential link. It allows to reach out to the symbolic, aesthetic and expressive worlds of everyone, regardless of their persuasion, language or origins. This is the meaning of this initiative which will propose during 8 days concerts, exhibitions, workshops, animations and round tables in 3 emblematic places: the Cathedral Notre-Dame of Senlis, the Royal Chapel Saint-Frambourg and the Saint-Pierre exhibition hall. Will be represented not only artists of all traditions involved in the spiritual life but also inspired artists who will freely express their perception of the sacred.


Forces in full bloom

The revival of the religious is one of the most striking facts observed in France over the last thirty years, but this movement, under the pictorial and plastic aspect, is largely under-represented and even overlooked. We can see that since the beginning of the 20th century, artistic production has tended to reflect our disenchanted modernity. But the sacred does not allow itself to be evacuated. It is reborn from its ashes and gives us the vision of forces in full bloom, a feast of novelty deployed on old trestles - shape of leadlights, sparkle of the menorah, verticality of the totem, concentric figure of the mandala, silhouette of the cross ...

Actuality of tradition

This festival wants to testify to the considerable number of artists who have not renounced the tension, the effort, the surpassing of oneself that creative vision implies, the concentration in order to express, to make sensitive a perception , an emotion, an abstraction, a quest, a balance, an apparition, a chaos ... Yes, there are artists who work away from noise. Their work does not obey any modernist canon, but it is in modernity. It will be our pride to make them appear in full light. Art whether or not it is "spiritual" must be free, animated by a living breath, ardent, moving, proceeding directly from the heart of the artist and thus addressing all: that is his power.

Opening up to mystery

Far from the expression of this or that religious preference, the Festival of Sacred Art of Senlis is an opportunity for sharing, for collective wonder, for openness to the mystery and above all for profound respect. Unique moments that you will surely appreciate and savor as an individual visitor, in family, or among friends, without moderation!

Season 2019: The Song of the Earth
Season 2019: The Program


Our many thanks to the artists who have agreed to include their works on the site © Yoshie ARAKI, Joseph-Antoine d'ORNANO, Jonathan SHIMONY, Yukari KAMEYAMA, Hisashi YAMAMOTO, Delphine GÉLIOT, Jacky KOOKEN, Manuel M. PEÑA, Jaime Agustin VALLE JIMENEZ, Rosalina MENDOZA PEREZ, Heli TUHKANEN, Ana Lorena NUNEZ, Karma PUNTSOK, Khalid SIDDIQUI, Maria CALEGARI, Chelle DESTEFANO and Olivier POIZAC